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A STAR: Marielle Pegaz.

DOMAIN: The Baron of the Lock Domaine, nestled in a fold of Mont-Brouilly, sheltered from north winds, covers 5 hectares, it enjoys an ideal exposure, East and South, taking advantage of first sun’s rays. In its outdoor theater, surrounded by vineyards, many artists succeed because grow grapes and raise the wine is an art, inextricably linked to French art of living.

WINES: Vineyards over 50 years and roots that tap into the famous blue stone, the primary era schist give bodied wines with mineral and spicy notes. We will began to drink it at least 18 months after the vintage, an ideal maturity is at 4-5 years.

A WEB SITE: barondelecluse.com

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items